Court Etiquette & Rules


  • Tennis is a game that requires politeness and consideration for other players. Everyone will enjoy the game so much more if those standards are maintained.
  • Always be quiet on court – people beside you might be playing a match.
  • Speak quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use. Never walk across the back of, or collect your ball from, another court when a point is still in play on that court. Wait until the point is over and then cross as fast as possible.
  • If a ball/player comes onto your court from another court, you should stop the point and play a let (replay the point).
  • Proper tennis attire must be worn on court. No football/soccer/hurling /rugby or cycling gear please!
  • Only tennis runners should be worn on court. Coloured soles or shoes may mark or damage the court. To prevent slipping, runners designed for astro-turf/omni surfaces are recommended.



  • Call your own lines and let your opponent hear the call. Always respect the line calls of your opponent. If the ball touches any part of the line it is in. If you’re not sure whether your opponent’s ball is in or out, call it in. If there is a disagreement, offer a let (replay the point). Click here
  • Wait until your opponent is ready and in position before you serve.
  • For net play – if you or your racquet touches the net before the point is over then you lose the point.
  • Be careful not to foot-fault when serving i.e. do not cross the end line until after you strike the ball. Click here