Booking Rules - Tennis

In general, these rules apply to all categories of Member, except if specifically stated


  • Tennis courts are available to be booked for play from 7am to 11pm each day.
  • Booking system will open for bookings at 8.00pm daily – members can book up to 3 days in advance.
  • A Friendly singles booking must be for 1 hour only.
  • A Friendly doubles booking must be for 1.5 hours only.
  • Members should book social tennis as a "Friendly". The "Tournament" category can only be used if playing in a Club tournament.
  • Members must book in their own name only (i.e. not on behalf of others or use another member's name for themselves) and only include other members on the booking that they are expecting to play with.
  • Members must have a booking before arriving at the club – confirmation of the booking will be sent by email.
  • Members are entitled to book two games in advance per day e.g.
    • one or two slots before 3pm Monday to Friday; or
    • one slot before 3pm and currently, up to 3 advance bookings between 3pm and 11pm, Monday to Friday. Please note - Members can book courts on the same day if there are free slots without it affecting their allocated bookings and should check the booking system regularly to avail of cancellations.
    • Weekends – Members are entitled to two bookings per day.
  • Coaching and all Tournaments (including Friday nights) form part of Members allocated bookings. Members cannot play social tennis on the same day/night that they take part in Coaching or Tournaments unless they book a free court on the same day.
  • The member who made the booking is responsible for its accuracy and must ensure that the booking includes all playing members. Changes can be made to bookings by clicking the “Actions” button in your “Upcoming Bookings”.
  • One member in the booking must check in at the designated check in point in the lobby with their fob to confirm attendance prior to play commencing. Once the fob is scanned, a green light will be displayed on the fob reader, the players will be checked in on the system and can go to court. Members can check that the system has checked them in the bookings section of their CM365 App.
  • Consecutive bookings are not allowed unless courts are free once first booking ends.
  • Members must cancel a booking in sufficient time (currently 2 hours) to enable other members to book.
  • Bookings, check-ins and cancellations will be monitored to ensure system is being used correctly.
  • “Guest Player” can only be used for non-members. Any member booked with a “Guest Player” will need to notify the Administrator of the guest’s name and pay the appropriate green fee. If this is not done shortly after the booking has been made, the booking will be cancelled.
  • “Practice Player” can only be used to book the Practice Court. Any member booked with a “Practice Player” on Courts 1-8 will have that booking cancelled.
  • Currently, Courts 1 and 2 will be reserved for advance booking by Senior members from Monday to Friday. However, if there are free slots on these courts, they can be booked by Junior members on the same day. These courts will be available to all members for advance bookings on weekends.
  • Court 6 will be available to Junior 1 members for advance booking with a Senior member until 7pm for normal play i.e. no coaching tools. Junior 2 members can make advance bookings on Court 6 with a Senior member for normal play until 8.30pm. 
  • Members should review all court availability and try not to leave half hour orphan slots.
  • Members who consistently breach the booking rules will be subject to having their access to the booking system suspended for a period agreed, from time to time, by the Committee. This period is currently two weeks.
  • These rules are subject to amendment by agreement of the Committee.


March 2024