As it rumbles at its perishing pace, the Frostbite League sponsored by Ceramica, has taken a bit of a nose dive this week. No doubt, the players will resume their duties, as soon as some sort of milder weather appears on the horizon. However, at least there has been quite a few matches completed.
Another successful and competitive tournament took place as usual on Friday night attracting 32 enthusiastic exponents.On the top courts, reserved for some of the ladies taking part, the outcome was considerably dominated by Sara Bateman and Catherine Conlon who achieved maximum return from their exploits. Margaret Sheehan and Laura Moloney as gallant runners-up were rewarded with the 2nd prize for this group.
Meanwhile, on the bottom courts, it was a competitive group competing. Taking first place were Shay Lawlor and Lorna Dooge, who provided a fine display of exquisite ground strokes, compounding with some fiery services, to edge into first place. Daragh Butler, a new debutant to this tournament, and Alan Purcell completed a resounding performance, to romp into 2nd place.
Facing the courts at the Archersfield Royal Box was the largest group participating. Despite coping with serious opposition, Keith Murphy and Kieran Dunne, as winners, had just about enough in the tank to thwart the opposition. Although winning most of their matches, Bob Deevy and Ronan Grace were indeed unlucky not to take the top spot. It was merely 1 game that took them into 2nd place – yet a just reward for their night’s work.
It remains to be seen if this week’s tournament overcomes the present conditions, but as is often uttered in theatrical circles, the show must go on.